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The first step in developing any successful marketing strategy – whether traditional, digital or social – is to understand the key audiences and best methods of interaction. This process describes the research that our team conducts and thus the concepts that we draw on to answer these three primary discovery questions.

target marketing


Who is your target market? Who has your money?


What type of messages make this audience more interactive?


What are the foremost effective methods for delivering this message to the current target market?

Of course, most organizations have a many product lines and focus on serving several target markets, so we’ll craft unique messages for each various markets and use a spread of techniques to send those messages out. By segmenting the audience and sending them messages that are most relatable to them we increase the user interaction, better KPIs, and increase conversions. Some organizations come to us simply needing assistance with SEO, Keyword marketing, and email marketing or they give us their problem and we go through the proper marketing process to understand which marketing strategies would be most successful to your unique business.

Unfortunately, the discovery process differs for each business so we do not offer the same advice to all of our clients. Instead we cater to your specific business requirements offering unique perspectives and proven strategies. In our discovery process, you will be working with one ariMarketing’s senior team members who has an MBA and been in the marketing field for 20+ years.