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About 98% of millennials check their email at least every few hours at work, according to Kristin Naragon from Harvard Business Review. 

Statistics tell us that there are about 4.3 Billion email users worldwide. Not all are millennials BUT you’ll have to be blind not to realize – with email marketing you can cut through the river Nile like Moses and the Israelites.

Let me tell you how. 

Experienced entrepreneur and leader in science-based businesses Bob Jones, in a lesson at MIT University, talked about how his failure to understand his customers caused him to fail. He saw a need in the market, made a product to satisfy that need, but he marketed to the wrong people. Revenues dropped <10 of the forecast. 

BUT when he was recruited by a bunch of Doctors from Harvard Med School, he had learned from his error. Now, the first thing he did was to identify the customer for the product they wanted to create. 

Because of this, their product got free deals from wholesalers, shelf space in pharmacies for free and generated millions in revenue. Even more than they forecasted. All of this because he had marketed to the right customer. AND used his customers to get supposedly paid for services… for free! 

That’s how much you stand to gain if you just market to the right customer. 

So, how will email marketing help you achieve this? 

With emails, you will have a much more personal relationship with your prospect. For example, imagine how long it takes a John to search for a particular product on google, to gather enough information – and make a buy decision. 

Now, imagine if you just went straight into John’s inbox and pitched him your offer via a cold email. You’ve saved him time without John even knowing it. 

That’s what email marketing can do for your business. 

What ariMarketing does:

We can build out a list of email contacts from your target audience criteria. Build out the HTML email template focused on conversion or awareness. And use proven email marketing strategies and tactics to reach real marketing/sales goals.

We can do a constant follow-up and add marketing automations and flows to further engage your audience to initiate product/service sales.

We can analyze the click-through rate (CTR) of your emails to see if your prospect was really interested in reading your email and create better email campaigns from past email campaign’s metrics.

We can also do A/B split testing to compare between two email subject lines, email content, and more to know which features of the email grabbed the attention of your audience the most. 

Email marketing allows you to segment your marketing efforts to create more personalized content allowing for better Key Performance Indicators such as Open Rate and Click-thrus. This helps you market to only various segment markets of your choosing. Allowing you to send more personalized emails to various level prospects/leads in your marketing/sales funnel.

AND it gives you a better chance of urging them to take out their wallets. 

But then again, if you don’t try with a legitimate email marketing team, you’ll never know which promotional strategies work best for your business. 

So, if you want to boost your sales by up to 1500% in just 30 days… 

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