In this guide we will fill you in on a few of the SEO tactics that every business should be taking advantage of.

Each campaign is different depending on the business, strategy, and audience dealt. But at the same time there are some basic tactics most SEO agencies use, here they are: 

  1. Doing a thorough analysis and research of your website and target market
    • How is your current website performing? 
    • Which keywords does your audience search for?
    • What strategies are your competitors using? 
    • For your budget what are realistic results to expect?
    • In depth Keyword Analysis of business relevant segments?
  2. Make SEO content changes on your website. 
    • Target the highest Volume Keywords and ensure high content-keyword match rate to rank higher on search results.
    • Do you talk about your product or service using the right words and language?
    • Is the content on your website easy to understand and SEO friendly?
    • Are the keywords properly embedded into the pages of your site?
  3. Off-page changes in SEO
    • Does your website have good UX and is it secure?
    • What is the speed of your website?
    • Is the server configuration working properly?
    • Is your meta data and code optimized for search engines?
  4. Frequent updates and transparent communication.
    • Are you updating your SEO agency with business changes?
    • Are the goals of the campaign clear?
    • Are expectations clearly laid out?
    • How often are touch-points?
  5. Content creation
    • Does your website content have a strong call to action?
    • Is the content SEO friendly, how did you analyze this?
      • ariMarketing has powerful analytic tools to check content-keyword match rate, keyword volume segmentation, and search engine visibility. We give you the complete run down with our proprietary tools.
    • What kinds of content does your target market consume?
    • How interesting is your content to your target audience?
  6. Conducting experiments and tests?
    • Analysis of past data aids to see what audience segments will outperform. At ariMarketing we use these analytics to target the highest opportunity segments to keep your ROI low and your campaign effectiveness high.
    • Where can we use A/B testing to ensure the best effectiveness of our content to various segment markets?
    • Which phrases give visitors the drive to take action?
    • How can we use data we compile to make decisions for the campaign? 
    • Which growing segments have room for opportunity?

These six points will give you a foundational understanding of what to look for while developing an SEO campaign. But there is no one way of developing a campaign without the right tools and experience and there are other questions and strategies that are also just as important. A good SEO strategy is constantly evolving along with the market, business needs and new data. Work with an agency that is constantly adjusting, testing and changing the marketing strategy behind the campaign.