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Regardless of whether an account or campaign has been running, or is in the infant stages, the ariMarketing team can best optimize the overall standing of your social media accounts and the conversions that it’s bringing. By performing ongoing checks for all campaigns, we do our best to ensure performance, while identifying any new issues or concerns associated with the social media accounts or campaigns. Additionally, monthly reviews and reports are completed to provide data and insight to the ariMarketing and client team. 

Throughout all campaigns, there will be frequent reporting. Our standard key performance indicators (KPIs) change depending on the campaign’s aims and delivery channels however, we usually report on both delivery and engagement data. Campaign and ad versions frequently detract from these.

Social Media Research

Our team uses various Social Media Research methods and tools to see what various industries are most engaging in. We can deep dive into what type of content performs the best engagements throughout multiple channels. We then can build your social media strategy to implement successful initiatives that we have seen historically for your campaign. By doing this we take the guesswork out of whether your social media campaigns will be successful instead, we focus on how to ensure the social media efforts pull in success. Many other agencies provide cookie-cutter content and designs, upselling that they are focused on your niche and know what they are doing *WRONG* they are selling you the same material they are selling everyone in your niche. If you advertise the same material and messaging as others, it’s not going to stand out in your target audience, pulling less than optimal results. At ariMarketing, we focus on creating unique content from scratch using the best research that helps every one of our individual client’s brands succeed.


Performance measurement and research are critical for managing social media, but the backbone of that all is effective content. ariMarketing creates quality and targeted content. We produce the content while keeping your messaging, visions, targeted segments, resources, and more all in mind while doing research to find the most important keywords and audiences to utilize. Our range goes from graphics to videos and photos to animations and far more to make sure your business is being portrayed exactly as it has been envisioned.

Building platforms

Gaining a social media presence is no easy feat. There are many, many social media platforms in which you can advertise and showcase your business, it can get overwhelming. We will not only make your platform accounts but build them up so you are gaining traffic, traction, and a strong online presence. ariMarketing does a thorough job when researching competitive initiatives, developing strategies, and continuing to put the effort into growing your social presence.

Performance Review

We will monitor performance metrics as part of our project reporting and continuous maintenance to ensure that campaigns are functioning within goal KPIs such as CPM, relevancy scores, number of impressions, and so on. We will then work together as a team to make adjustments in regards to audiences, bids, messaging, and other modifications to improve the campaign’s performance. ariMarketing has a dedicated partner at Facebook who can advise us and provide insight into new trends, platform advancements, and other innovative ways to reach people through Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

Comment/Engagement Review

While we expect our internal teams to examine and respond to any comments on the ads, our team will also monitor ads for comments and engagements to ensure that only good things are being stated. We will bring unpleasant comments and reactions to the team’s attention when needed, and give advice on how to resolve this issue. Ads tend to spread faster organically with more reactions and comments. Therefore, we will avoid completely wiping comments if possible.

Campaign Updates

We will look at the performance of each ad creative while assessing these campaigns to see which ones performed the best. Then we can make the appropriate recommendations and changes based on the campaign metrics. 

Implement Recommended Changes

Campaigns are rarely perfect from the start and will need adjustments as time goes on. At ariMarketing, it is our goal to make adjustments and recommended changes, and implement those changes on a daily basis.