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Electronics (Website & SEO)

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The Problem: Electronics Manufacturer ACI had a dated website with low online presence; however, they wanted to reach more of their target audience to gain more clientele and increase their revenues.

  • -Target Audience Segments
  • -Website Limitations to Quoting Opportunities
  • -Lead Conversion Manpower Limitations to automation opportunities
  • -Ad Campaign Potential
  • -Multi Ad Campaign Management
  • -Graphics Marketing Material
  • -Website Design, Build, and Maintenance
  • -Campaign Research & Reporting
  • -Email Marketing
  • -SEO
  • -25 Page Website
  • -Graphics & Icons
  • -Marketing Campaign Research and Reports
  • -Landing Pages and HTML Creatives
  • -Marketing Materials
  • -Marketing Automation
  • -Website Maintenance
  • -10,000 monthly visitors
  • -Technical Content
  • -SEO
  • -Competitive Analysis
  • -UI / UX
  • -Conversion Optimization
  • -Content Keyword Analysis
  • -Split A/B Testing
  • -Social Media
  • -Analytics and Reporting
  • -Increased Visitors
  • -Improved Conversion Rate
  • -Increased Customer Experience rating
  • -Improved Bounce Rate
  • -Lowered Acquisition Costs
  • -Increased Customer Retention Rate

Design Development


ariMarketing’s team of SEO experts got multiple client pages TOP ranked on Google and other widely used search engines. Our team did an in-depth organic and paid keyword analysis, segmenting our search for multiple market channels. We collected competitive analysis information for various channels and implemented from start to finish.


Understanding target markets and building content to lock in eyes is always ariMarketing’s goal. ACI was no different, we built landing pages with scrolling advertisements directed towards a key target audience which was researched and segmented using best industry practices coupled with our expertise. We ran A/B split testing campaigns to ensure our content and conversion based design was pulling the flow through rates we were targeting during each step of the lead conversion process. By surveying a small portion of different segments, we got to understand what they are looking for and build campaigns uniquely surrounding them. The site was completely User Experience (UX) tested and is fully responsive in all views (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop).