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Our team members have ranked 100+ companies on the first page of leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo.

We've developed partnerships with leading news and media outlets. We have contacts in our distribution from local to global in multiple industries.

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The objectives of a standard SEO Management program are to increase the amount of relevant traffic to a website by boosting its rankings, increasing the number of phrases and techniques (video, image, shopping, etc) and improving click through rates. Contrary to popular belief, program ranking algorithms do not change considerably on a daily basis. Therefore creating continuous “SEO updates” isn’t necessary. Over time, algorithms have slowly evolved as new approaches and technology are used to counteract questionable techniques, increase the standard of search listings, customize searches, and combine video, images, and news into the most search engine results page (SERP).
Diagnostic Crawls It’s relatively easy nowadays to monitor the technical features of one’s website, as it relates to SEO, thanks to Google Webmaster Tools and other software. Having technical issues that prevent search engines from indexing material or deleting information without the proper re-directs will have a significant impact on your SEO strategy. While we recommend diagnostic checks on all SEO programs we run on a regular basis, the frequency of those audits is frequently correlated with the following characteristics:
  • -What is the size and sophistication of the website?
  • -How frequently is the positioning updated?
  • -How many individuals are updating the location?
  • -Have any new key elements been applied to the algorithms by search engines?

“It’s not about getting the traffic, it’s about getting the relevant and targeted traffic.”
Hari Dhanani (Founder of ariMarketing)

Content Development & On-Page SEO

One strategy to improve your search engine rankings is to create content (video, text, etc) that is optimized for the search terms you want to target. Building quality content that people want to view, read, share, and link to has been ingenuity of SEO since its inception. This strategy needs a site with enough “Domain Authority”, or a program to highlight your images and videos.

Obtaining Links

As one might expect, adding and optimizing content, images and video isn’t going to be enough to get a good ranking unless no other sites offer contect related to the present topic at hand. If you want to gamble on the competitive nature of an individual’s industry, constant link building is necessary to achieve great ranking and increase site visits, brand awareness from SEO, and leads.

Unlike on-page SEO, which has a restricted scope, there is no limit to the amount of links a site may obtain. This creates a district in which we choose to concentrate much of our continuing efforts. According to our past experiences, the most effective way to do this is to:

Produce content that will prompt people to share and link!

This is why infographics, films, interactive tools, research studies, surveys, and other forms of informative content are very important in SEO. Even outstanding content may need to be pushed through advertising, public relations, social media and other avenues to get the message out.

Increase Conversion

When a website begins to attract a large number of relevant visitors, there is often the opportunity to extend the leads by:

  • Enhancing the marketing message on the most important landing pages.
  • Adding more compelling calls to action.
  • Concerns raised by sales, customer service or online inquiry forms are addressed.

Today’s SEO programs are so expertly integrated with everyone’s promotional efforts, creating an intense competition for the top spots.

Our team at ariMarketing can prioritize efforts, and facilitate targeting those that will provide the most effective return.