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Saas ( End-to-end)

Scroll down to view the full case study, follow the link below to inReality’s website:

The Problem: SAAS Company inReality Needed End-to-end Marketing

  • -Target Audience Segments
  • -Website Limitations to Quoting Opportunities
  • -Lead Conversion Manpower Limitations to automation opportunities
  • -Knowledge Gaps with Consumers
  • -Sales Material wasn’t effectively converting
  • -Ad Campaign Potential
  • -Implemented new CRM Company-Wide
  • -Full Event Marketing
  • -Website Design, Build, and Maintenance
  • -Monthly Blog Posts
  • -Sales Aids (Powerpoints, Videos, emails, content, etc.)
  • -Multi-Campaign Research & Reporting
  • -Ecommerce Functionality
  • -Monthly SEO
  • -Email Marketing
  • -LinkedIn Qualified Lead Generation
  • -Digital Advertising
  • -Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • -Company Wide Marketing Strategy
  • -Conversion Optimized Website
  • -Ecommerce Ability to quickly close sales
  • -Sales Aids
  • -Marketing/Sales Animations & Videos
  • Marketing Materials
  • -Marketing Automation
  • -Email Automations
  • -Weekly Reporting
  • -Website Maintenance
  • -Ongoing Qualified & Interested Leads
  • -Graphics & Icons
  • -New Modern Logo
  • -Technical Content
  • -Developed Mobile Application
  • -Marketplace Management (Amazon, Google, etc.)
  • -Email Campaign Management
  • -SEO
  • -Competitive Analysis
  • -UI / UX Testing
  • -Conversion Optimization
  • -Content Keyword Analysis
  • -Split A/B Testing
  • -Graphic Design
  • -Sales/Customer Service Process Automations
  • -Analytics and Reporting
  • -Search Engine Marketing
  • -Helped lead team to gain major resellers such as HP.
  • -Helped Sales Team close over 10 high value clients
  • -Team increased company valuation over 3x.
  • -Improved Audience Conversion Rate
  • -Increased Customer Experience Rating
  • -Improved Bounce Rate
  • -Lowered Acquisition Costs
  • -Increased Customer Retention Rate

Design Development


ariMarketing’s team of business strategy experts created an optimized Marketing Strategy that outlined high level goals and various tactics and methods on how to reach them. We continuously video meet with their marketing & sales departments, have monthly reports with the whole team, and high level strategy sessions with the board and directors. On the left is a graphic we made for their Amazon sales page to make their product stand out professionally.


We are constantly applying modern solutions to better assist our customers. ariMarketing brainstormed ways to display inReality’s product in real time, resulting in the creation of the .gif on the left. A gif is a compilation of images allowing a story to be conveyed and easily placed in marketing materials or website. The animated graphic helps explain how engagement is tracked in retail. This is the core model of inRealities business so having their business model in a quick clip has been instramental in securing more sales and capital investors.


Existing sales teams were using the same scripts, existing content was not closing the knowledge gap to their intended audience, so ariMarketing started by researching their niche, competitors, and content. We identified key opportunities and angles to which we repositioned the company, products, and mission. Once we redeveloped the marketing messaging, website, sales material, and more, we ran A/B split testing Email campaigns to ensure our content and conversion based design was pulling the flow through rates we were targeting. By surveying a small portion of different segments, we got to understand what they are looking for allowing us to build campaigns uniquely surrounding specific target audiences. The overall campaigns are still running and being tweaked to provide optimal results. Sales performances have drastically improved with deal flow reaching a maximum for the companies lifetime.