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Patient Care (Full Strategy)

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The Problem: Medical Platform Looking to Increase Their Audience

  • -Target Audience Identification
  • -Existing Website Limitations to Proposed Updates
  • -Lead Conversion Analysis
  • -SWAT / Knowledge Gap Reports
  • -KPIs increased for Sales
  • -Split Testing of Existing and New Traffic
  • -Redesigned and implemented website
  • -Full Marketing Services
  • -Launch Email Campaigns
  • -Blog Posts Updated Weekly
  • -Sales Aids (Powerpoints, Videos, emails, content, etc.)
  • -Social Media Campaigns
  • -Ecommerce Functionality
  • -Monthly SEO
  • -Click Thru Conversion
  • -Custom Store Locator Webpage
  • -Medical Platform UI/UX Updated
  • -Increased Traffic to Website
  • -Ecommerce Funnels
  • -Sales Aids, Merchandise, Accessories
  • -Marketing/Sales Animations & Videos
  • -Social Media Marketing Automation
  • -Successful Email Conversions
  • -Marketing Progress Reports
  • -Website Maintenance
  • -Ongoing Qualified & Interested Leads
  • -Graphics & Icons
  • -New Modern Logo
  • -Technical Content
  • -Mobile Friendly Website
  • -Email Campaign Management
  • -SEO
  • -Competitive Analysis
  • -UI / UX Testing
  • -Conversion Optimization
  • -Content Keyword Analysis
  • -Split A/B Testing
  • -Graphic Design
  • -Sales/Customer Service Process Automations
  • -Analytics and Reporting
  • -Search Engine Marketing
  • -Helped existing sales team identify target audience.
  • -Customer close rate increased 33%
  • -Converted 3x more web traffic leads than previous
  • -Improved time spent on website per click
  • -Increased Customer Experience Rating
  • -Increased Repeat Customers

Design Development


ariMarketing’s team of business strategy experts researched trends to create modern graphic images for social media promotion. Collaboration with Safer Pain Management and ariMarketing allowed us to provide exactly what they were looking for. We helped bring their ideas to life. Our all out marketing strategies helped this medical platform reach their projected goals earlier than expected. Their KPIs like organic leads, increased traffic and customer experience all improved from previous. ariMarketing ensures you provide high quality content to a broader, more target audience. By analyzing results that work, we continuously implement curated outreach strategies for your success.


The business’s existing content did not fill the knowledge gap of why their audience needed their services. ariMarketing came heavily researched to implement a unique plan for their business. ariMarketing drove customer interactions and experiences with these three technical actions: email and social media campaigns with split testing, custom built website featuring “Find Treatment Near Me” interactive map, and a continuously updated blog. Safer Pain Management instantly received revamped services with weekly social media posts with fresh content and email leads that worked. When discussing their website we helped deliver the technology they’d been wanting: an interactive map so their customers can see sponsored providers in their area. With an updated user experience and leads coming in, we increased their outreach by standing up a blog related to their industry. This blog is updated daily with fresh, relevant content. Having the blog content closes the information gap of people already searching for your services.