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Several years ago, search was restricted primarily by keyword searches. Now, things are much different. A typical Search Engine Result page can now integrate localized results, news, paid shopping feeds and ads, images and answer boxes, with each of these having their own ranking formula that has evolved over the years.

Search Engine Optimization nowadays comes in various forms and means using algorithms that look at hundreds and thousands of factors. Google and Bing are the two major search engines, each ranking local profiles, web pages, ads and videos using mathematical algorithms to arrange relevance and importance to the asset’s search query.

Through our many experiences, we have witnessed how websites that have earned organic rankings through good promotion can be a very cost effective way to market a company. However, this is a bit old school.

Keyword Research

Target Keywords are key to providing an ROI – The foundation of a SEO campaign is the keyword identification process. This step is crucial in creating architectural plans  and finding the best strategy for achieving a company’s goals. 

Technical SEO

Using Search Engine Technology to Ensure Compliance – Ready to start the process of making web pages relevant? A few things need to be reviewed first. It is crucial to ensure if the search engines can effectively cover all your website’s content and index it. While it is important to make sure no major technical issues exist, other items such as site architecture and landing page quality should be reviewed. The health of the website is critical, and you can trust our team to ensure compliance with search engine technology.

–Duane Forrester

Content Development

Create RELEVANT Content – One of our primary SEO activities includes developing content for websites. In order for a page to rank well for a specific phrase or keyword, the website needs RELEVANT content to the certain targeted search phrases. Our team understands this well, and aims to create relevant content for our customers. 

Web Page Optimization

Make Pages RELEVANT – We match different elements on a customer’s website, image or ads to specific themes or keyword phrases. For web pages, this entails integrating keyword terms into the page elements, such as headline, inbound text links, title tag, body copy, file names  and many others.

Link Building

Make the Site IMPORTANT – Traditionally, a site’s link popularity has shown the importance of that site. Importance has also been determined by the way the webmaster spreads the site’s link throughout the site. Today, we are seeing algorithms delivering information on the amount of time one spends on your site, or how many mentions from social media it receives. These algorithms also help give weight to determining the strength of the brand in keyword searches.