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Website Design

Websites function as the hub of many businesses and organization’s digital marketing efforts and are often the most critical and sophisticated element of the digital marketing mix. Websites must incorporate marketing and branding with creativity and style, user experience, analytics, and other technology. They also must integrate with one’s digital marketing, social media, PR, and other outreach efforts.

At ariMarketing, we primarily build custom websites to accomplish all of those goals, using a tested 9-step process developed from our experience building and managing various sites over the last 10 years.

  • + Strategy and Research
  • + Information Architecture
  • + Asset Growth
  • + Creative & Visual Design
  • + Configuration of the Platform
  • + Creating A Website
  • + Diagnostics & Tracking
  • + Hosting & Ongoing Assistance
  • + Traffic Generation & Outreach & Digital Marketing
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Strategy & Research

Step 1 – is to put together the website design strategy by combining any marketing and branding work we do with an audit of your existing website and its traffic (if any).

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Information Architecture

Step 2 – In step 2, we generate the site’s location architecture, which helps us figure out where to construct the interface to be most user friendly, where and how to orient landing pages, as well as how to integrate design to be conversion optimized.

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Asset Growth

Step 3 – After the strategy and site architecture have been in place, we focus on developing and organizing the content, photos, videos, and other creative elements required for the website.

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Creative & Visual Design

Step 4 – Our front-end development and design teams then concentrate on wireframes and graphic designs for your website for optimal user experience and conversion flow through.

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Configuration of the Platform

Step 5 – Our development team develops the Content Management System, which will run the site while the creative team works on the designs.

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Creating A Website

Step 6 – Once the Content Management System is complete, the designers, developers, and project managers must figure out how to supply the website with content, imagery, and SEO elements.

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Diagnostics & Tracking

Step 7 – The analytics, diagnostics, ranking reports, and other tracking software are installed to keep track of the site’s performance once it’s public. Such as Google Analytics, HeatMapping Tools, A/B Split testing software, and more.

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Hosting & Ongoing Assistance

Step 8 –After your site is live, our team will also provide hosting (on the fastest rated server by many internet companies), security, daily backups,various optimizations, code maintenance, email services, tutorials, or any other services you might require to keep the site well maintained.

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Traffic Generation & Outreach & Digital Marketing

Step 9 – Once your new website is fully operational, we can assist you with SEO, organic and paid Traffic Generation, advertising, social media, and public relations, among many other things.

Heat Maps

With heatmap tools integrated inside our WebPage Analytical Insights we’re able to see exactly how users are interacting with your webpages. Our software will record each individual user session that takes place on your website. Then we will compile all of this data together into an easy to visualize heat map that helps us better understand what areas and content users are most and least focused on.

This allows us to make changes to the website to further improve the user experience, conversion rates, and other Key Performance Indicators.

Split A/B Testing

Unsure which marketing/promotional message to send out? We can test out multiple messages within your audience and record the various interactions they had with that specific content. By creating reports on the analytical data, we can compile solutions more geared towards your target audience through user data.


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