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Facebook Advertising

Facebook has demographic and interest related information on more than thousands of its users. This platform allows for a cost effective opportunity for advertisers to target future and potential customers.

Our team is able to focus in on potential customers and give them targeted ads, blending both display advertising and a larger targeting system.

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Who is your target market? Who has your money?

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What type of messages make this audience more interactive?

From basic posts to a complex system, Facebook’s targeting system has evolved over the years. This targeting system is quite effective when executed correctly. Currently, organic company posts rarely achieve much traction on their own, due to Facebook’s current algorithm. Advertising is crucial and necessary if businesses want to engage others with their posts.

Facebook Advertising Examples

s a result, we boost organic social sharing with three styles of paid campaigns:

Strategic Boosts – To lengthen the visibility of organic social sharing, we use boost posts to targeted and existing audiences. 

Branding Ads – We reach out to people with demographics that meet your particular audiences through standalone branding ads. Facebook’s platform allows our team to focus in on things like income levels, work industries, online purchase behaviors, and much more. 

Remarketing Ads – Facebook has cross-device capabilities, allowing our team to follow users at work from a desktop search to home from a phone browsing search late at night. Remarketing can be taken one step further with Facebook, compared to traditional campaigns using Google or Bing. With enhanced marketing strategies, your marketing budget will be used to target users that show promise of converting, 

All of these advertising efforts aim to boost your name with people, increase site visibility and form submissions over time.